Range Kit


Weapon System *

Holster Color *

All holsters come standard with a black backing. Other colors are available by custom order.

Eyelet Color *

Dominant Hand *

The hand that you prominently shoot with.

Threaded Barrel *

A threaded barrel is used to attach a suppressor (silencer) to a pistol.

Weapon Cant *

We can make your holster with the “FBI” forward cant, or in a straight up-and-down drop.

Belt Size *

Speed Clips *

Our belt loop system that allows quick on and off of your holster, while still retaining security on your belt. Speed clips are only available in 1.5″ or 1.75″.

Sweat Guard *

The sweat guard is the piece of holster that comes between the back slide of the pistol and your skin.

Magazine Bullet Orientation *

The bullets will either face forward of the body (recommended) or rearward.

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RMR Make & Model



Our popular OWB holster is now available paired with a double mag carrier and discounted as a Range Kit! This combination allows you to shoot and holster safely, without having to secure a spot to set down your firearm.